Man Utd don't have it all their own way - wonderful




    Wed  July 31st 2003
    So Manchester United haven't got Ronaldinho.  Isn't that exquisitely delicious?  They sell David Beckham and expect that they can get just who they want because of who they are - do you remember Diego Forlan?  A lovely player, really talented. He was going to Middlesbrough - and right at the last minute Man Utd decide that they want him, waltz in and suddenly he's going to Manchester. And what has he done at Manchester? Practically nothing. Recently Leeds have had major problems and have ended up selling the family silver but finally the manager finds someone he wants and can afford - the Brazilian Kleberson.  Negotiations had been going on a long time and it was almost all tied up and then suddenly, out of the blue, Man Utd decide they want him and so guess where he's going?  Yes - Manchester.

    But they haven't had it all their own way!  Firstly Harry Kewell turns them down and goes to Liverpool (yes, he's part of the family silver sold off for a pittance by Leeds.  Good luck Harry, thanks for the service you gave to Leeds.  You'll be missed). And then, despite much pursuing by Man Utd, Ronaldinho goes to Barcelona so Man Utd haven't got Beckham and now they haven't got Ronaldinho either.  I'm delighted.  David Beckham - I hope you have a superb season and that it goes really well for you in Madrid.  I also hope that Man Utd really miss you.

    But how did Manchester react when Ronaldinho turned them down?  'You've got to be a special player to play for us and Ronaldinho hasn't got the bottle' - childish or what!

    Yes, I know I'm a Leeds fan and so there is perhaps a slight bias here, but what the hell, it isn't only Leeds fans that don't like Man Utd - and it's not envy of success, it's a dislike of arrogance.  I once heard a reporter ask a question that the manager didn't like.  Ferguson (the manager) blew his top and said 'you know the rules'.  Who the hell does he think he is.  When I meet Man City fans they are often apologetic and I suggest that they should be defiant - after all, I think Man City are probably the world's favourite team.  You only like Man Utd if you are a Man Utd fan - if you're not a Man Utd fan many people have a soft spot for City precisely because they are not United.

    Go to it City.  You've done really well under Keegan.  Let's see you bring the glory over to the Blue side of Manchester (but not at the expense of Leeds, of cours)


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